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"Benchmark Instruments are a leading manufacturer and supplier of hermetically sealed instruments, analogue instruments and panel meters, backed by first class quality, service and value added engineering expertise."
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Disc Pioneer  

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Pioneer Range
Disc Proteus  

The PIONEER range of instruments are ideally suited for extreme, harsh environmental applications. The main areas of use are military, industrial and marine. Developed originally for the Ministry of Defence, these products have been customer led, giving rise to the extensive product range now available.

Disc Ludlow  
Disc Teme  
Disc DIN  
Disc Bespoke  

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Proteus Range  
Disc Yokogawa  

The PROTEUS range of instruments have the "slide-in" scale facility making scale changes an easy task with no risk of movement damage. These instruments give the equipment designer choice and style. Constructed with moulded case parts and polycarbonate windows they are robust and durable.


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Ludlow Range

The LUDLOW range offers style and design with uncompromised build quality. Maximising the available scale area gives the LUDLOW range excellent visual characteristics.


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Teme Range

The TEME range offers options on the front bezel assembly, either in moulded bezel (style N), or moulded frame and metal escutcheon (style NE) both of which give excellent scale definition.


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DIN Range            

The DIN range of instruments are used extensively in control panel operations, they are ideally suited for "stacking" arrangements and give strong visual displays.


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Bespoke and Prototype Products            

The BESPOKE range of instruments are designed to suit your exact needs, incorporating individual design and construction for your application.

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